Trinity Grammar School Wood Green

Message from the interim website contact

This website is the creation of Peter Turner (Trinity 1954). It was Peter who took the initiative to re-establish the site using as much as possible of the old photos and information that were on the defunct TOSA site, and he added much new material too. It is much to Peter’s credit that he put in a huge effort and managed to launch the site in 2019, and to develop it into the form it is in now.

Unfortunately, Peter became seriously ill earlier this year, firstly with recurrence of a cancer and then with further complications, which are not related to Covid-19. Sadly, it now looks unlikely that Peter will be able to resume his responsibility for the website and hence there is some uncertainty as to how it can be managed in the future.

Even in its current form the website is an amazing resource packed with information of interest to the many old Trinity scholars who access it. It has value, just as it is. But it could still benefit from further development. There is also the question of money – the money needed to set it up and the ongoing costs of annual fees, all of which up to now have been paid for by Peter Turner.

Hence the following appeal, which is in two parts:

First, we need a volunteer to act as website manager. Ideally, this could be an ex-Trinitarian, or a related person motivated to keep the website open and updated as necessary. This may amount to no more that acting as the named contact person who responds to emails and liaises with the website host, who does all the technical bits. The host is Graham (Irwin Associates), an amiable man who helped Peter get things going in the first place. Another possibility might be a younger relative or friend of a Trinitarian who might enjoy this opportunity to become familiar with the internet. Volunteers please!

Secondly, we need to appeal for money. There are two aspects of this – the annual fees and the costs for updates and developments. If we had fifty subscribers who each put in £10 a year I am sure we could cover the annual fee and pay towards other costs. Please let me know if you would agree in principle to make such a payment? But don’t send any money yet – we need to sort out how to account for subscriptions like this.

I look forward to hearing from you. I can explain more on the telephone if that helps.

Colin Marr (Trinity 1951)