Trinity Grammar School Wood Green


1940s Gallery

1940s Girls painting air raid shelter

1943 2D Mr Dean's Class

1944 Form 2B

1945 2nd Eleven Football

1945-46 6th Form

1946 1st Form Football

1948 Form 3B

Back row
Tel Philips, Rob Millen, Bill Lightfoot, Arthur Evans, Brian Skelton, Peter Tomlin, Alan Vare.

Third row
Del Lines, Albert Ratcliffe. Sid Fulbrook, Reg Apps, Betty Green, Barbara Pegrum, June Harris.

Second row
Clive Wraight, Les Miller, Bob Morely, Jean Aidie, Daphne Withers, Marjorie Jackson, Yvette Borrell, Joan Taylor.

Front row
Peter Horton, Roy Taylor, Peter Goodall, Eunice Shimmons, Norma Hodge, Audrey Martin.

1946, Dido and Aenas

1946 Dido and Aenas Whole Cast

1946-47 Form £A


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