Trinity Grammar School Wood Green

Latest Updates

Recent updates to the site include:

A new "latest updates" page (this page) - added August 2019

October 2019 - please check Galleries sections for captions of names and notes from the 1920s onwards, so most captions and notes could be finished by October 31st. There are frequent mistakes and omissions, for which I apologise, but the whole "rescue" attempt was done during the last month of TOSA in December 2016, so the method had to be fast and effective, using a desktop that expired three months later. Some images could be created later in 2019 from the printed pages, which were taken separately, and the resulting quality is not so good as those images copied at first.

LATEST - October 1st 2019. About 80% of the main photo captions should be uploaded by October 7th, by concentrating on the easier items, and leaving queries to later, especially the troublesome panoramic whole school photos originally copied in sections. Corrections will continue during the winter. Please send in any corrections and any donations of material, however small and seemingly insignificant, including later reunion captions and any photos not donated before.

November 2019 - work should start on items in several stories sections.

December 2019 - work on photo sections e.g. Reunion photos with captions.

January 2020 - work on longer items of history and personal memoirs and ideally Newsletters from 1994 to about 2014, especially the early ones up to 2010 and since 2014 to 2016.