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1950s Gallery

The Program for the Shakespeare’s Othello production by Jack Good in 1950

Supplied by John Glyn

1950 Othello with Jack Good as Othello

Photo scanned from page 172 in the school history compiled by Don Grammer in 1999 - Trinity: A School with a Past

1950-51 1st Form Cricket Team

1951 Summer term photo and some names by Terry Gilder, 1950 pupil, with extra names by Francis King, 1950 pupil, and both are in the front row.

BACK ROW Colin Maddox, Robin Streathearn, Colin Creasey, Mr Max Penney, Barry "Piggy" Pearson, Michael Mitchell, Terry Woods.

FRONT ROW Francis King, Bob Pettifer, Terry Gilder, Michael Foster, Michael Doherty (wicket keeper).

1950 1st Form Football Team

Photo and name supplied by Terry Gilder, 1950 pupil, who is in the front row. Jean Zimmerman, nee Webb, confirms the boy in the back row, far left as viewed, is Ernest Piper.

BACK ROW Ernest Piper, ?, ?, Mitchell (goalkeeper), ?, Alan? Turner?, Terry Woods, Ken? Askey?.

FRONT ROW Fred Penfold, Terry Gilder, Bob Pettifer, Brian "Stevebo" Stevens, Alan "Piggy" Pearson, (Flying) Freddie Cox.

1950 Form 2 Football Team

Photo and names supplied by Robin Valleley, 1951 pupil, who is in the back row.

BACK ROW Derek Braddick, Tony Smith, Robin Valleley, ?, Geoff Hare, Brian Owen

FRONT ROW ?Jewson, Alan Stokes, Brian Neville, Peter Wookey, Alan? Welford

1950-51 2nd XI Football Team

Photo and names supplied by Cecil Webb, 1945 pupil, and who is in the front row.

BACK ROW H. Leach, A. Cochrane, D.Ridout, A. Sears, M. Osborn(e), K. Constable.

FRONT ROW T. Hayne, A.C. Greene (Vice Captain), Cecil Webb (Captain), L. Mead, D. Forder.

1950 5th Form Science

Photo and names supplied by Cecil Webb, 1945 pupil, who is in the centre row.

BACK ROW T. Churchman, A. Sears, L. Boyall, D. Neish, D. Munson, P. Putland.

CENTRE ROW L. Lambert, R. Scherer, E. Dinnage, S. Emmerson, S. Hawton, J. Collins, C. Webb, A. Greene.

FRONT ROW E. Conway, J. Martin, Mr J. McErlean, L. Marlow, D. Pyle.

1950 Cecil Webb Photos 1 Daphne Moss and Jean(n) Marlow 1950-51

NOTES. Trinity school playing field pavilion is in the background

This is one of eight photos by Cecil Webb of his fellow schoolmates from year 1945 and taken either in France on an exchange trip in 1950 -51, or at the sports pavilion in White Hart Lane.

When the photos were copied in haste in December 2016, it seems a duplicate of Helen Grint in Photo 3 was made in error and became Photo 7, as well, instead of one of Laurence Healy in front of the pavilion. This may be rectified partly, later in 2019 or early 2020, by using the printed page of this set of photos, so we have an image of Laurence, but it will be of inferior quality.

1950 Cecil Webb Photos 2 Philip Rutland and Helen Grint.

Easter 1950 Exchange visit to France.

1950 Cecil Webb Photos 3 Helen Grint - France 1950


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