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A history of the school

The school had its origins as the Wood Green Higher Elementary School, which in 1898-1899 moved into the purpose built new building that we are familiar with on Bounds Green Road. Following a merger with Wood Green Central Schools for Girls and Boys in 1924 it became Trinity County School under the administration of Middlesex County Council. It then became the Trinity County Grammar School after the education act of 1944. The word ‘County’ was later dropped and the school became known as Trinity Grammar School until July 1962. Then, the school combined with nearby Glendale Grammar School, which was also closing down, to become Wood Green Grammar School and relocated to the White Hart Lane site in 1962. The site had hitherto been the Trinity sports field. In 1967 this school became the Wood Green Comprehensive School and later renamed Woodside School, an academy school.

After 1962, the original 1899 Bounds Green Road building became Nightingale Primary School, and in 2012 returned to the name of Trinity, as Trinity Primary Academy. The name Trinity originally derived from the nearby Trinity Church in Trinity Road, which borders the rear of the school.

The 1899 school building was listed for protection by English Heritage (now Historic England) as Grade II. It is one of the key buildings within the Trinity Gardens Conservation Area.

The following list includes a number of references providing information about the history of Trinity Grammar School:

“Trinity: A School with a Past” – a book by Don Grammer, published in 1999. (Hardcover: 200 pages ISBN-10: 0953691101 ISBN-13: 978-0953691104 Publisher: Don Grammer; 1st Edition (1 Aug. 1999)

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In 1884 separate boys' and girls' Higher Grade schools were founded in Wood Green but by 1898 had become overcrowded and in 1899 merged when they both moved into a new building in Bounds Green Road. Wood Green Higher Grade school, as it was called, was taken over by the Middlesex education committee in 1921, closed and then reopened as Trinity county grammar school. In 2006 the building became Woodside High School. [,_Wood_Green#History

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